G-Rex 4000D

Hi Res Version of Front (2000 x 681)
Hi Res Version of Back (2000 x 682)

Zorro II: None
Zorro III: 4
ISA: None
PCI: 4 (Active, 2.1 compliant)
Video Slots: 1 (inline) (AGA type)
Other: None

An expansion bus which is designed to replace the Zorro daughterboard found in the desktop A4000. It provides the A4000 with active PCI slots which support DMA and are capable of transferring at up to 50MB/sec with 1.76GB of non bank-switching address space. This busboard requires a Cyberstorm PPC or a Cyberstorm Mk-III as it takes advantage of their local expansion bus. Earlier versions of this busboard may have lacked a fan to cool the chipset.

At the time of writing, drivers exist for the following cards/chipsets.

Graphics Cards Voodoo3 2000
Voodoo3 3000
Voodoo4 4500
Voodoo5 5500
Permedia 2 chipset
ViRGE 86C325 chipset
ViRGE/DX 86C375 chipset
SiS 6326 chipset
TV / Capture Cards Brooktree BT848 chipset
Brooktree BT878 chipset
Brooktree VT879 chipset
Conexant Fusion 878a chipset
Conexant Fusion 879 chipset
Microtune Tuners
Philips Tuners
Liveview Flyvideo II
Liveview FlyVideo 98
Voodoo TV FM
Hauppauge WinTV 38074 Rev B521 with Philips Tuner
Typhoon TView FM RDS BT878 PAL BG
PixelVire PlayTV
Knc-One TV Station
Hauppauge WinTV Go
Vobis TV Card
Terratec Terra T Value
Askey Magic TView FM
Pinnacle Studio PCTV Rave
Network Cards Realtek RTL 8029(AS) chipset
Realtek RTL 8139C chipset
Longshine LCS-8034TB-E chipset
Longshine LCS-8038TX-R chipset
Sound Cards ESS Solo-1 Chipset
Terratec 128i PCI
USB Cards UHCI Compliant (Universal Host Controller Interface)
OHCI Compliant (Open Host Controller Interface)
VIA 83C572 chipset
Opti Firelink

Thanks to Pascal Rielland