Fusion Forty

Processor: 040@28Mhz, 040@35Mhz or 040@40Mhz
FPU: Internal
MMU: Internal
Max Ram: 32MB
Ram Type: 8 x 30pin SIMM slots.

An accelerator for the A2000 which plugs into the CPU Fast slot. The backplate on the card contains a switch which allows the 040 to be disabled for compatibility reasons with old software. This switch should ONLY be used when the A2000 is powered off. The Fusion Forty contains two expansion buses intended for future expansions however it is believed that nothing was ever produced for them. One is 36pins wide, the other is 50pins. Some cards do not even contain the headers, just holes where the pins would normally be. The Fusion Forty has 4 256K EPROMs labelled as U25 through to U28. Some of these cards may not work with OS 3.1 or newer, in which case a new set of ROMs need to be obtained which fixes the compatibility problem. There are two versions of the ROM update, one which updates all four ROMs and is a simple replacement, the other version comes on two EPROMs and requires an adaptor to connect it to the card.

RAM Configuration

The 4 SIMM slots closed to the backplate are the UpperBank.

Ram Installed Lower Bank Upper Bank
16MB 16MB 0MB
20MB 4MB 16MB
32MB 16MB 16MB

There should always be at least 4MB present in the lower bank in order for the card to work correctly.

Thanks to Sean.