Deb 2000

Zorro II: None
Zorro III: None
ISA: None
PCI: None
Video Slots: 1 (OCS/ECS type)
Other: None

The DEB 2000 stands for Denise Extender Board for A2000. This card provides a video slot for use in Amigas which have a socketed denise. Please note however that the video slot was designed to be used with Microways flicker fixer and not intended to support all cards which use the video slot, as not all signals are present. Therefore other cards may, or may not work with the device. It's original intention was to allow the use of a Video Toaster as well as another card such as a flicker fixer. The whole device came in two sections, one which mounted underneath the Denise chip and another which was the actual video slot. The two sections were joined together by a ribbon cable. It was up to the user's creativity to find somewhere to mount the video slot/flicker fixer. Apparently it was used by A500 users to provide a VGA style output, with the cable and the slot trailing out the back of the case. Some people even used the original cardboard packaging to mount the actual card in :)

Thanks to Russ Norrby, John Perkins and Tony Dean