Apollo 630 / Winner A630

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Processor: 030@33Mhz, 030@40Mhz or 030@50Mhz
FPU: Optional 68882 (PLCC) at the same speed as the processor.
MMU: Internal
Max Ram: 32MB
Ram Type: 1x72pin SIMM slot. (EDO RAM works but is not taken advantage of)

This card is also PCMCIA friendly and memory can be switched on or off by using a jumper. The accelerator installs over the 68000 CPU. It has been reported that this card has problems with A600's that have Rev 1.3 motherboards.


RAM: Open = RAM OFF, Closed = RAM ON
WAIT: Open = Faster Access, Closed = Slower Access

The Wait jumper should be set according to the processor installed and the speed of the SIMM
33Mhz 70ns or less 80ns
40Mhz 60ns or less 70ns
50Mhz 60ns or less 70ns

Thanks to Takahashi Kasikom