Alcomp A2000

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The "Alcomp A2000" is a half length Zorro II Card designed for programming EPROMs. It has an external texttool socket which is connected by a ribbon cable. It is able to burn standard and CMOS Eproms up to 27(c)512.

The card has one jumper labelled "A/B" and "C" which might correspond to the revision of A2000 the card is to be used in, however it has been reported that a revision 6.2 A2000 requires the jumper to be set to "A/B". This card is a non-autoconfig board. Caveat: the voltage regulator in the upper right edge is likely to be damaged by A2000 housing. . Caveat: The flat ribbon cable is likely to be too long for normal operation. When burning fails try to shorten it.

The software supplied with the card is rather old now and is called "EPR_2000 V1.7" and does not work with an 060 installed. This might be due to timing problems because the software expects to see a standard 68000@7Mhz.

Thanks to Sebastian Breitkreuz and Michael Boehmer