REC Wonder TV A6000

Standard Specifications

Case Type: Set Top Box / VCR
Processor: 020 (optional 030), speed unknown
MMU: Unknown
FPU: Unknown
Chipset: AGA
Kickstarts: Unknown
Bus Controller: Unknown
Expansion Slots: Unknown
Standard CHIP RAM: 2MB
RAM sockets: Unknown
Hard Drive Controllers: 1 x IDE Controller
Drive Bays: 1 x 5.25" (with faceplate)
1 x 3.5" (with faceplate)
Expansion Ports: 1 x 15pin VGA
1 x 9pin Serial
1 x 25pin Parallel
1 x RF (PAL and NTSC)
1 x S-Video
1 x RCA Composite
2 x 3.5mm Jacks (Audio Left/Right)
2 x 3.5mm Jacks (2 Mic sockets)
2 x 9pin Joystick/Mouse
1 x PS/1 Keyboard Connector
Floppy Drive: 1 x internal 1.44MB Floppy Drive (Unknown if it could read Amiga disks)
Motherboard Revisions: Unknown
Battery Backed Up Clock: Unknown

The Wonder TV A6000 is of a similar concept to the CDTV. It was made by a Chinese firm called Regent Electronic Corporation and was designed as a multimedia delivery platform. Out of the box it is capable of playing VCD's and karaoke discs as it has a built in hardware MPEG decoder, as well as audio CD's, CD+Gs and CDTV CDs. An optional add-on for handling Photo-CD's was also available. Like the CDTV the REC Wonder TV also includes a infra-red wireless remote controller and can be booted directly from the internal CD-ROM. The Wonder TV uses standard PC 1.44MB disks and PC Keyboards, but it is not known whether it is capable of reading native Amiga disks.

An interesting article which describes the history of this machine, and more details about the actual software supplied with it can be found here.

Thanks to Erik I. Bolsų