Commodore A3070 Tape Drive

Picture showing complete unit with SCSI terminator

Picture showing the back of the unit

Picture showing the actual drive unit

Picture showing inside the case

Picture showing inside the case with the drive fitted

The Commodore A3070 is an external tape drive which takes 150MB QIC tapes (DC6150, 189metres) and 250MB QIC tapes (DC6250, 310.9 metres). It was originally designed for and shipped with the A3000UX. The A3070 is the same tape drive as the "Caliper CP150 SCSI QIC" and "Archive Viper 150MB Tape Streamer" (some a rebadged as Connors) but case design may vary as the Commodore A3070 was designed with an A3000 theme.

Switch Description
1 SCS ID Add 1
2 SCSI ID Add 2
4 SCSI ID Add 4
5 Parity ON/OFF
6 Reserved
7 Reserved
8 Reserved
9 Reserved
10 Reserved

Thanks to Greg Scott, Bo Zimmerman and Immo Birnbaum