A1000 Accelerators

A1000 accelerators which use the side expansion slot, may also be compatible witht the A500 (+), however they have to be used back-to-front because the A500's (+) side expansion slot is on the left, instead of the right.

Manufacturer Product
Creative Microsystems Inc (CMI) PAMC-1000 (PA1000) [CS]
CSA Derringer 030 [CS]
Mega Midget Racer [CS]
ICD AdSpeed/IDE [CS]
AdSpeed Novia [CS]
AdSpeed Prima [CS]
Kupke Golem TurboBox [SE]
M-Tec M-Tec 68020-i [CS]
Progressive Peripherals PP 040 [CS]
Ronin Research Hurricane 1000 [CS]

CS Sits in the CPU socket
SE Connects to the Side Expansion Slot