1085, 1085S

Hi Res Version of Front (1644 x 1536)
Hi Res Version of Back (1596 x 1536)
Hi Res Version of Side (1680 x 1536)

The 1085(S) is a cost-reduced version of the 1084, with lower resolution (.52 mm dot pitch) and no non-glare screen treatment. Like the 1084, the 1085 is a fixed-frequency 15.75 kHz monitor, and is not compatible with most AGA screen modes.

Pin-Outs (DB9)

  Pin 1: Ground
  Pin 2: Ground
  Pin 3: Red
  Pin 4: Green
  Pin 5: Blue
  Pin 6: Unused
  Pin 7: Composite Sync
  Pin 8: Unused
  Pin 9: Unused  

Thanks to Greg Scott (National Amiga) and Warren Block