Zulu Warrior

Note: The Zulu warrior may be related to the Video Backup System from LSP or the Video Backup System from Rossmoeller, but this is not confirmed. It may simply be one of the many clones made.

This system allows you to backup your hard disk to a normal video cassette recorder (VCR). There were four versions of the backup software available of which Version 3.2 is the latest. It works by the backup software dumping the data to the screen as a video signal, in turn this data is recorded to video tape. To restore the data you would play the tape back and the interface would chop the incoming analogue 1V video signal back into +/- 12V to feed into the Amiga's serial port (using the LF351N comparator). The phono plug is connected to the composite video output of the Amiga and this in turn is connected to the video input of the SCART plug which is connected to the VCR. The video output if the SCART is connected to the comparator and through that, back into the Amiga.

Thanks to Bob Clough, Stewart Wullie and Ron Mascaro.