Techni Soft RAM-Board

Link to a big pic of the Techni Soft RAM-BOard
Click for a huge picture of the Techni Soft RAM-BOard (1052x627, 65 KB)

External 2-8 MB RAM Expansion for A1000

Installation: external
Supplied RAM: 2 MB
Max. RAM: 8 MB
Autoconfig: yes
Pass-through: yes
  • three expansion connectors (labelled EXP 2-4) for special boards with 2 MB each (ZIP chips)

  • big case (about the same size as the A1000) with its own power supply

  • designed to be put onto the A1000

  • on/off-switch

Picture: Top right corner of the TechniSoft RAM-BOard Picture: Description of the top right corner

There also appears to have been an additional memory board which attaches to the Technisoft containing 2MB of RAM in the form of ZIP chips.

Thanks to Rainer Schreurs